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  • BAYB — abbr. BAY BANCSHARES INC NASDAQ …   Dictionary of abbreviations

  • babe — /bayb/, n. 1. a baby or child. 2. an innocent or inexperienced person. 3. (usually cap.) Southern U.S. (used, often before the surname, as a familiar name for a boy or man, esp. the youngest of a family.) 4. Slang a. Sometimes Disparaging and… …   Universalium

  • List of communities in Nunavut — This is a list of communities in Nunavut Territory, Canada. Note that many of these communities have alternate names or spellings in Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun, while others are primarily known by their Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun names. As of the… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Hikayat — Hikayat an Arabic word that literally translates to stories is a form of Malay literature, which relate the adventures of national heroes of Malayan kingdoms, or royal chronicles. The stories they contain, though based on history, are heavily… …   Wikipedia

  • Фига в кармане — крылатое выражение, означающее притворство, скрытое несогласие, изображение на словах одной позиции, при фактическом следовании позиции противоположной. Источники Байбурин А, Топорков А. У истоков этикета Глава IV. Выражение эмоций в ритуале и… …   Википедия

  • babe — /beɪb / (say bayb) noun 1. a baby. 2. Colloquial (a familiar term of address, especially to a woman): hey, babe, how ve you been? 3. Colloquial a woman or man regarded as sexually attractive. 4. Colloquial (a term used by women for a woman… …  

  • babe-in-a-cradle — /ˌbeɪb ɪn ə ˈkreɪdl/ (say .bayb in uh kraydl) noun a terrestrial orchid, Epiblema grandiflorum, with a long slender stem and lilac to deep mauve flowers, and having a column supposedly resembling a baby in a cradle; found in wet places in south… …  

  • chicky babe — /ˈtʃɪki beɪb/ (say chikee bayb) noun Colloquial an attractive girl or young woman. Also, chickie babe …  

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