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  • Polysomnographic technician — A polysomnographic technologist performs overnight polysomnograms on those with suspected sleep disorders. To become a polysomnographic technologist one must receive on the job training performing overnight polysomnograms or attend a course in… …   Wikipedia

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  • Polysomnography — or PSG is a multi parametric test used in the study of sleep; the test result is called a polysomnogram. The name is derived from Greek and Latin roots: poly (many, Greek), somnus (sleep, Latin), and graphein (to write, Greek). Normal patterns of …   Wikipedia

  • Polysomnogram — (PSG) is a multi channel ( poly ) recording ( gram ) during sleep ( somno ), resulting from a sleep test, polysomnography. A doctor may order a polysomnogram because the patient has a complaint such as daytime fatigue or sleepiness that may be… …   Wikipedia

  • LQ-45 — ist ein indonesischer Aktienindex der Börse von Jakarta. Hier werden die 45 Unternehmen mit dem größten Marktwert zusammengefasst. Die Berechnung erfolgt halbjährlich von einer R D Abteilung der Börse. Der Index besteht seit dem 6. Februar 1997.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Downtown Brampton Terminal — Downtown Terminal …   Wikipedia

  • NAVIS — I. NAVIS cuius inventum suerit, diximus supra. Longam primus Iason exstruxisse dicitur, circa Pelium montem, et magnitudine et reliquô apparatu consuetum eô tempore modum excedentem, quod illius aetatis homines ratibus fere et parvis acatiis vehi …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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