Adjustment Of Status (Business » Positions)
* Acquisition of Signal (Governmental » Military)
* Acquisition of Signal (Governmental » NASA)
* A. O. Smith Corporation (Business » NYSE Symbols)
* Armed Offenders Squad (Community » Law)
* Academic Operating System (Computing » General)
* Area of Specialization (Governmental » Military)
* Aeon Of Strife (Computing » Software)
* Add-on Stabilization (Governmental » Military)
* Alternate Operator Service (Computing » Telecom)
* Adaptive Optimization System (Academic & Science » Electronics)
* Area Of Specialty (Business » Positions)
* Installable program (Nokia Communicator add-on software) (Computing » File Extensions)
* American Ostomy Supply (Medical)
* Audio Operating System (Computing » General)
* Ago Open Source (Computing » Software)
* America Out Of Space (Miscellaneous » Funnies)
* Amook, Alaska USA (Regional » Airport Codes)

Abbreviations dictionary. 2012.

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