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  • BSGS — The abbreviation BSGS has two meanings, both related to group theory in mathematics:* Baby step giant step, an algorithm for solving the discrete logarithm problem * The combination of a base and strong generating set (SGS) for a permutation… …   Wikipedia

  • Bsgs — Der Babystep Giantstep Algorithmus berechnet den diskreten Logarithmus eines Elements einer zyklischen Gruppe. Der Algorithmus ist zwar in der Laufzeit dem naiven Ausprobieren aller Möglichkeiten überlegen, ist aber dennoch für sehr große Gruppen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Betriebssportgemeinschaft — A Betriebssportgemeinschaft (English: Company sports community) was an organizational form of sports clubs in East Germany. After World War II, the Allied Control Commission had dissolved all existing sports structures, including the dissolution… …   Wikipedia

  • Bachelor's degree — A bachelor s degree is usually an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course or major that generally lasts for three, four, or in some cases and countries, five or six years. It may also be the name of a postgraduate degree, such as a… …   Wikipedia

  • Blue supergiant — Blue supergiants (BSGs) are supergiant stars (luminosity class I) of spectral type O or B.They are extremely hot and bright, with surface temperatures of between 20,000 to 50,000°C. They typically have 10 to 50 solar masses on the Hertzsprung… …   Wikipedia

  • Schreier-Sims algorithm — The Schreier Sims algorithm is an efficient method of computing a base and strong generating set (BSGS) of a permutation group. In particular, an SGS determines the order of a group and makes it easy to test membership in the group. Since the SGS …   Wikipedia

  • Strong generating set — Let G leq S n be a permutation group. Let : B = (eta 1, eta 2, ldots, eta r) be a sequence of distinct integers, eta i in { 1, 2, ldots, n } , such that the pointwise stabilizer of B is trivial (ie: let B be a base for G ). Define : B i =… …   Wikipedia

  • Kandyse McClure — Infobox actor name = Kandyse McClure imagesize = 150px caption = Kandyse McClure, with kind permission by Mrs. Louise Mason, The Kandyse McClure Team birthname = Candise McClure birthdate = 1980 birthplace = Durban location = South Africa… …   Wikipedia

  • Base (group theory) — Let G be a finite permutation group acting on a set Omega. A sequence :B = [eta 1,eta 2,...,eta k] of k distinct elements of Omega is a base for G if the only element of G which fixes every eta i in B pointwise is the identity element of G.We …   Wikipedia

  • Bautzen — Wappen Deutschlandkarte …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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