Health Savings Account (Governmental » Military)
Health Savings Account (Governmental » US Government)
Human Serum Albumin (Medical » Human Genome)
* Health and Safety Authority (Medical » Veterinary)
* High School Assessment (Community » Educational)
* Health Service Area (Medical » Hospitals)
* Humane Slaughter Association (Medical » Veterinary)
* Highest Station Address (Computing » Networking)
* Home And School Association (Community)
* Hunt Saboteurs Association (Medical » Veterinary)
* Home School Association (Community » Educational)
* Hawaii State Assessment (Governmental » State & Local)
* Home Sewing Association (Miscellaneous » Hobbies)
* Hmong Student Association (Academic & Science » Universities)
* The Handicapped Scuba Association (Community » Sports)
* Hampshire Special Ale (Miscellaneous » Food)
* Holt Software Associates (Business » Firms)
* Horsemanship Safety Association (Community » Sports)
* Harrisons Spy Agency (Miscellaneous » Funnies)

Abbreviations dictionary. 2012.

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