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  • Gardener 1NT — In contract bridge, Gardener or comic notrump is an overcall of 1NT denoting either a 16 18 balanced hand (as natural), or a weak hand with a long suit (6 card)[1]. It is named after British player Nico Gardener. The partner, if interested in… …   Wikipedia

  • Kamikaze 1NT — is a preemptive 1NT opening. Unlike traditional 1NT openings, which show hands of significantly better than average strength, it shows 8 10 balanced high card points, hoping to make 1NT opposite an average hand.External links*… …   Wikipedia

  • List of defenses to 1NT — This List of defenses to 1NT gives the names of defensive conventions used to compete over an opening 1NT bid. * Astro * Aspro * Asptro * Brozel * Cansino * Cappelletti * CoCa * Crash * DONT * Exclusion bids * Hamilton * Hello * Landy * Lionel *… …   Wikipedia

  • Stayman convention — Stayman redirects here. For the apple cultivar, see Stayman apple. Contents 1 Standard Stayman 2 Using Standard Stayman with Jacoby transfers 3 …   Wikipedia

  • Glossary of contract bridge terms — These terms are used in Contract bridge[1][2] , or the earlier game Auction bridge, using duplicate or rubber scoring. Some of them are also used in Whist, Bid whist, and other trick taking games. This glossary supplements the Glossary of card… …   Wikipedia

  • Contract bridge — Bridge declarer play Alternative name(s) Bridge Type trick taking Players 4 Skill(s) require …   Wikipedia

  • Jacoby transfer — The Jacoby transfer, in the card game contract bridge, is a convention initiated by a responder following partner s no trump opening bid. Nowadays the term Jacoby is rarely used, especially outside North America, and the convention is simply… …   Wikipedia

  • Polish Club — is a bridge bidding system which was developed in Poland, where it is the most popular bidding system, and also used by players of other countries. It is a type of small club system.In Polish club, 1♣ opening bid is forcing for one round but it… …   Wikipedia

  • New minor forcing — (often abbreviated NMF), is a bridge convention in which responder s bid of a previously unbid minor over a no trump rebid by opener (generally 1NT) is artificial and used primarily when looking for three card support for a five card major. It… …   Wikipedia

  • 2/1 game forcing — ( Two over one game forcing ) is a bidding system in modern contract bridge in which, after a one level opening bid, a non jump response in a new suit at the two level commits the partnership to bidding at least game. Normal 2/1 game forcing… …   Wikipedia

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